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40 ans de Light Cone / June 19, 2022


CLOSING EVENT SUNDAY JUNE 19 2022 (7pm - 1am)

Les Boîtes de la Nuit (The Clubs of the Night) is an ephemeral and festive event born out of a meeting of a few people through a relatively short period of time, with the artists Marie Cambois and Lottus Eddé Khouri (movement and dance), Gaëlle Rouard (projections and light interventions), Christophe Cardoen (lights), Jérôme Noetinger (DJ and electroacoustic), Yan Beigbeder (DJ and dance) and Guillaume Laidain (DJ).

Yan Beigbeder loves wandering in night clubs and passing through them without necessarily consuming anything or dancing, and he has decided to share this passion by creating his own night club, where lighting goes beyond simple illumination, where music can be listened to without being danced to, where movement can be free from the dictate of rhythm.

The ephemeral and spontaneous event Les Boîtes de la Nuit contains several night clubs in one, with various musical ambiances, dancing bodies, special light displays, and a bartender who is a full participant of the event.

On the musical side, Yan Beigbeder will propose a selection of what he has been collecting for a long time: weird gems that characterize specific eras – non-disco disco, no wave and highlife, and '80s and '90s hip-hop. As for Guillaume Laidain, he came out of the first “free parties”, and even if he usually conducts musical research in a different genre, for this occasion he will dive into new wave, cold wave and dark wave aesthetics. Last but not least, Jérôme Noetinger works with a simple personal postulate: you can dance to music that you also love listening to without dancing. He will create electroacoustic connections between the two preceding DJs.

Every musical period brings about its own bodily movements. When mixing, we always look for so-called Vibe Controllers who hold the dance floor! Marie Cambois and Lotus Eddé Khouri, as they mingle imperceptibly with the public, stay attentive to details within the crowd, searching for points in the flux, or perhaps counterpoints, trying on different musical eras and extracting dance movements from them.

The movements of the clubbers will then be projected, augmented or reversed through projections of cinematographic images or light (Gaëlle Rouard and Christophe Cardoen). Between the fragility of the photochemical image and the hypnotic effect of stroboscopic light, between the subliminal projection of poetic forms and the irradiation of moving bodies, light is also an endless source of dance.

In-person 12€
Advance sale 10€

This event is part of Light Cone’s 40th anniversary celebrations. If you’d like to attend all of the events, you can purchase a pass at this link (available on pre-sale only).

Les Boîtes de la nuit is made possible by support from OARA.


address La Station - Gare des Mines
29 avenue de la Porte d'Aubervilliers
75018 Paris
metro Porte de la Chapelle (line 12)
email lightcone@lightcone.org
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La Station - Gare des Mines