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Atelier 105, en résidence / July 19, 2022


Después de nada is a film journal of a disastrous journey in search of the experience of emptiness, from the Nepal Himalayas to their antipode in the Chilean Atacama Desert, between 2014 and 2015. The integrating and cumulating gaze, inherent to any voyage, is captured here in Super 8 footage, and just like the natural landscape, it resists any attempt of predetermination or uniformisation.

Over the course of this journey, a love story with a Nepalese citizen bears witness to the discrepancies in privilege between the nationalities, exposing the cracks in a system whose efficiency forgets that organic life is submitted to a state of non-programmable incertitude, the consequences of which result in life’s total helplessness. A system that neglects the experience of the true reality of bodies, projecting itself in a fictitious future, omitting the past and generating a preconceived and sanctioned experience; resolving the experience of life through abstract laws that anticipate events. Without taking into account that knowledge will always be limited by the brute fact of existence.

Using a fragmented aesthetic in the future perfect mode, the crisis of a linear and progressive conception of temporality becomes evident. A succession of failures emerges as the detotalising result of the determinist power of the real. Thus, the void: a limitless state, uncreated and admitting all possible forms; it implies accepting the downfall of ideals, the impossibility to represent and create discourses on the totality, such as Human Rights and their egalitarian and unalienable promise. The failure of this and other metanarratives of universalisation is replaced with partial narratives, embracing experimentation, uncertainty, indetermination and incompleteness. There are no absolute truths, only probabilities.

Carla Andrade, an artist working in photography, audiovisual media and installation, holds a Bachelor's degree in Audiovisual Communication and a Master’s degree in Artist’s Film & Moving Image from Goldsmiths University in London; she is also a student of philosophy. The intersection between visual expression media and a terrain that is closer to reflection and the world of ideas is one of the defining qualities of her work. She is currently based between Galicia, London and Rio de Janeiro. Her work has been exhibited in contemporary art centers such as the Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao, MARCO in Vigo, Tabacalera in Madrid, Caixaforum in Barcelona, La Casa Encendida, Le 104 in Paris and LUX in London; as well as international festivals of film and photography such as IFFR, Zinebi, PortoPostDoc, FICUNAM, Curtas Vila do Conde, EXiS Festival, Curtocircuito, L’Alternativa, (S8) and PhotoEspaña, among others.


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