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Scratch Dialogues / February 18, 2022


This online program is conceived in the form of a dialogue within our collection, with the intention of exploring possible relationships of analogy, filiation or interaction between the films.

In this edition, Miles McKane traverses an entire body of films through his presence and camera, his sculptures and performances, his "wild and tidy" garden: a garden of plants, but also a garden of filmmakers that the artist and co-founder of Light Cone has been cultivating over the years.

by yann beauvais
1983 / Super 8mm / color / silent / 1S / 3' 00

It is above all a portrait of Miles McKane. Making a portrait, shooting a portrait are modes of perpetuating/appropriating a person's image.
Would a cinematographic portrait escape this rule?

by Jennifer Burford
1986 / color / silent / 2S / 3' 00

Sculptures by Miles McKane, 1984-86: ironic simplicity of the acute angle, or how to treat with ambivalence the existing codes - art and nature, matter and form, image and concept. The conical plays with the iconic. Images filmed at the same time by two cameras set to different speeds, restore in a double projection something of this instability, which is expressed just as much on the temporal level, by the succession of seasons and the transformations that accompany it.

by Laurent Danet
1986 / color / silent / 1S / 20' 00

This film is the "diary" of a sculpture by Miles McKane. In many ways, it ordered my way of filming: multiple visits allowed me to try, each time, to find a satisfactory approach.
In fact, only the meeting of these various moments corresponds to an aspect of the sculpture...

29 10 88
by yann beauvais
1988 / b&w / silent / 2S / 4' 00

This film stages side by side, the image and its reflection of an installation/performance by Miles McKane. Instead of documenting the event, the film attempts to recreate the spatial dimensions of the original piece. The movement of the participants, and the panning metaphorically reproduce the basic element of the installation, the white cones.

by Miles McKane
1992 / color / sound / 1S / 6' 00

A cinematic metaphor, conceived as part of a compilation of films on AIDS, this is an emotional translation of the disease. The juxtaposition of music and images creates conflicts involving elements that, taken separately, would appear insignificant. Produced within the framework of SI FILM DA.

MILES 31/05/2007
by Olivier Fouchard
2007 / Mini DV / color / silent / 1S / 15' 00

"Art is like a spray of pollen, like life itself, my sole reward is to be understood by a handful of people"
Jean Cocteau 03/07/1948 in Les Entretiens sur le cinématographe (Interviews on Cinematography), Ed. Belford (Belford Press)

Images harvested in Miles McKane's garden, with Mahine Rouhi, when we visited Nantes (for a projection of our film "Tahousse") in May 2007. Memories of a few happy and sun-filled moments in this little garden, both wild and well-ordered, where the beauty of the art of life leaves an ephemeral imprint on the fragile ribbon of a small mini-DV camera. An amateur video, a holiday movie; complicity and friendship. This moment of magic concludes with a clumsily framed shot of a large red tree in the Jardin des Plantes in Nantes, shot just before taking the train to Grenoble.

by Adèle Friedman
2017 / 16mm / color / silent / 1S / 10' 00

This is a portrait film of Miles McKane, one of the original co-founders of Light Cone and Scratch Projection, with his husband, Yves Gloaguen, in their home in Indre. I have known Miles since 1985, when I first screened with Scratch Projection and began distributing my films with Light Cone. This film portrays Miles and Yves in their eclectic home and garden. The home physically reveals layers of its history, while the garden is reminiscent of gardens across the channel, in Wales.

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