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Editions Light Cone / 16 septembre 2014


Light Cone Editions is pleased to announce the publication of its first ebook: Jean-Michel Bouhours on Paolo Gioli.

Benefitting from the new power of ebooks to integrate video with text, the first title in this new series from Editions Light Cone has been conceived as a dialogue between two important voices in contemporary moving image art.

Collected in a single volume, and illustrated by extracts from Gioli's films, are essays and notes written over a twenty year period by Jean-Michel Bouhours, currently curator of Modern Collections at the Musée national d’art moderne, Centre Pompidou in Paris. For many years, Bouhours directed the museum’s film programme and has long been an active member of Light Cone. The subject is one of the most important contemporary experimental filmmakers, Paolo Gioli, whose prolific work also includes photography, painting, and printmaking.

Bouhours's text and Gioli's reflections on his own work have been elegantly integrated into a single volume by critic and curator Enrico Camporesi. The dialogue is both a guide to Paolo Gioli’s extraordinary films and a testament to a long friendship between a prominent artist/curator and a major filmmaker, photographer, and painter.

The book marks the debut of an Editions Light Cone series intended to enrich the experience of viewing moving image art by making available insightful texts accompanied by the moving images they explore. The first edition for iPad, iPhone, and Mac is available on iBooks/iTunes for the price of €9.99.


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